It's KHL Fun Time!

October 1st marked the first meeting of BFFs Nikolai Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovski overseas. While Grabovski's team would be victorious, it would be Kulemin who would get on the scoreboard. Surprisingly neither player was chosen to participate in the shootout.

The real story begins with their post game shenanigans in...

First the boys went to go freshen up at Mikhail's basement apartment before hitting the town.

Kulemin's pineapple comment angered Mikhail and as a result he had to ritualistically murder a case of pineapples.

After that it was off to the beach to burn off the remaining rage.
Grabovski doesn't believe in using sunscreen except on his face.

Now it's time to go drinking

They inevitably run into one of Mikhail's teammates
"That's right, are dangerous."

After that they hit the dance floor.
And had the time of their lives.

They partied until the sun came up.
"Never let go."

And with that their perfect day was over. Mikhail off to his game against Spartak, Nikolai off to his game against Traktor. The two will not reunite again until Halloween or as it is known in Minsk, Orange Smooth Pineapple with Candle Night.


kidkawartha said...

I don't understand how it's possible that this is the first comment and the post has been up for 4 hours.

Antonella said...

This is a masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

Not bad at all. Keep up the good work.