Contest: All Steak, No Sizzle

I mentioned this earlier on twitter, but I am going on record with this here to show that I am serious. I will buy a steak for the first person who sends me picture of a "Bring Back Firefly" protest sign at the rally. 

Why do this? I dunno. I guess it's because the rallies and petitions to save Firefly had about as much effect as the NHL protests will. I guess I'm bored. I guess I really want more Firefly episodes.

My reasoning doesn't matter, what's important is you get a steak for standing around with a stupid sign and confusing a bunch of people who think they're bringing about the return of hockey.

Since I live in Edmonton it is unlikely I will be providing you with a $25 gift card to a steakhouse.

So get out there and make those signs! And send them to me @yakovmironov on twitter

There's no prize for second place other than my gratitude.

No Photoshops Please!  <3 p="p" u="u">

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